StAQ Lab

Stochastic Analysis and Quantification (StAQ) Lab:

We conduct theoretical research on deterministic and stochastic nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) from physics and engineering, specifically equations modeling fluids and dispersive phenomena.  This work uses PDE techniques which combine nonlinear analysis with ideas from probability theory and the theory of dynamical systems.

We are conducting applied research in the related areas of estimation theory and uncertainty quantification.  Problems of interest relate to analyzing and assimilating data from sparse and noisy observations in mathematical models from fluid mechanics, astrodynamics, and other fields.

See the publications page for more information on this research.

If you are a current or prospective student at Utah State University with interest in partial differential equations, stochastic analysis, data assimilation, and/or uncertainty quantification, please feel encouraged to reach out by email regarding research opportunities.

Current Members:

  • Geordie Richards – Principal Investigator

Here is my CV.

  • Louis Tonc – Ph.D. Student, 2017-present – Topic: Orbit determination from sparse and noisy observations.
  • Jacob Bryan – Ph.D. Student, 2019-present – Topic: TBD.
  • Matt DeFriez – Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2019-present – Topic: Implementation and analysis of the tapered block bootstrap.
  • Jacob Needham – Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2019-present – Topic: Numerical assessment of uncertainty for correlated time series.

Former Members:

Sponsors and Partners: